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Lumino - Secure Multi-Party Computation Ceremony

Lumino - Secure Multi-Party Computation Ceremony

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·Jun 23, 2021·

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The PlatON Secure Multiparty Computing Ceremony Lumino is launched! The 60-day ceremony invites cryptography and blockchain geeks around the world to get deeply involved in building a privacy computing infrastructure!

The open source code and software can be downloaded at:

Lumino ceremony homepage:

Guidance for Lumino Contributors:

How to Participate:

Send an email to LatticeX Foundation at In the email, please fill in the following information:

  • Name (first name or nickname)
  • Alaya Network Address
  • Correspondence address (mailing address for gifts)
  • Which computing group you would like to join (BN254 curve group or BLS12–381 curve group, or both.)
  • Whether you would like to apply for the Google Cloud.

More information

Q&A | All about Lumino, the secure multi-party computation ceremony

Welcome to Join Lumino

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