PlatON Global Developer Ambassador (Computator) Program (2022)

PlatON Global Developer Ambassador (Computator) Program (2022)

Developer Ambassador Program

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PlatON Global Developer Ambassador (Computator) Program (2022)

Along with the release of the PlatON 2.0 whitepaper, PlatON has officially entered the 2.0 era as a decentralized privacy-preserving AI network.

Combining blockchain and privacy-preserving computation technologies, PlatON is building a decentralized and collaborative AI network and global brain to drive the democratization of AI for safe artificial general intelligence.

Backed by the LatticeX Foundation’s Computator Fund, the PlatON Global Developer Ambassador Program has officially started its recruitment to allow developers from all regions to join the building of a “smart network” and expand the protocol’s global influence and recognition while achieving its mission. Your help will be key to PlatON’s growth in local developer communities.

Our Ambassador Program

The PlatON Global Developer Ambassador Program aims to identify PlatON-loving technology and ecosystem leaders for the protocol’s open-source community. If you wish to become a PlatON Global Developer Ambassador, we expect you to be familiar with PlatON and recognize our mission. Meanwhile, PlatON Ambassadors should popularize PlatON’s technological concepts in local markets with great passion and encourage new developers and companies to contribute to the building of the PlatON ecosystem.

What We Can Offer

As an official PlatON Ambassador, you could get:

  • Funding support: You could get performance-based incentives and allowances, as well as a budget for community building.
  • Extensive access to PlatON: You will have a chance to work with PlatON’s key developer team, receive product & technology training, and get deeply involved in the development of PlatON’s core protocol.
  • Developer community governance: An outstanding Ambassador could participate in the governance of PlatON open-source technology community as its maintainer and become a member of the Project Management Committee (PMC).
  • Support for project incubation: Ambassadors enjoy priority access to PlatON’s support for project incubation. At PlatON, you could facilitate the implementation of various creative insights as a key player.

At PlatON, you will get a rewarding experience. While meeting strong partners and building personal networks, you’ll be one of the first pioneers to witness the birth of a “smart network”.

Ambassador Levels & Upgrade Mechanism

There are four Ambassador levels, which are determined according to each Ambassador’s competence and contribution, and each level comes with a unique scope of ecosystem participation, as well as different benefits and rewards.

LevelRequired Period for Upgrade
Entry3 months
Intermediate6 months
Senior12 months

Once an Ambassador reaches the required period for upgrade, we will assess whether he/she could be upgraded to a higher level depending on his/her work hours, competence, output, and performance.

Ambassador Tasks

Ambassador Tasks could be formulated and executed depending on their own resources and competence. For instance, Ambassador Tasks could include the following:

  • Build and manage local developer communities

Build local developer communities and recruit active and insightful developers.

Keep the community active by promoting exchanges and discussions; offer technical support for the community.

Unlock the full potential of the community, encourage members of the community to contribute to PlatON, motivate the development of privacy-preserving applications, and provide suggestions for improving PlatON’s technology and ecosystem.

  • Conduct technical talks and community-based education campaigns

Develop a full understanding of PlatON, summarize the features and concepts of PlatON’s core technology, study the latest technological advancement in the crypto world, offer segment-specific solutions for PlatON, create valuable and appealing content for promotion and education.

Work with local universities, organizations, communities, and media agencies for community education and promotion.

Identify potential partners in the local market, build partnerships, and promote the adoption of PlatON.

Participate in activities that promote PlatON’s ecosystem growth, take part in local developer contests/hackathons on behalf of PlatON, and speak up for PlatON at developer conferences, workshops, and gatherings.

Host regular tech podcasts to share PlatON’s latest technology and ecosystem progress with the community, analyze PlatON’s core technologies and products, promote its latest announcements and events, and study popular trends, state-of-the-art technologies and applications, etc.

  • Contribute to the building of PlatON’s infrastructure

Improve existing tutorials and documents and have them translated into the local language to help developers better understand PlatON.

Provide the necessary and available development tools for all types of PlatON developers, produce the relevant technical documents and videos, development tutorials, examples, solutions, etc.

Contribute to protocol development, technical analysis & discussion, as well as the improvement of product experiences, tests, etc.

  • Organize developer events

Organize local developer training, meetup, and other events, such as tech talks, AMAs, etc.

Organize local hackathons/developer contests, identify and incubate outstanding PlatON-powered projects.

  • Contribute to the design of PlatON’s technology stack and its research on key technology

Track the research and theories on the latest technology concerning PlatON, study their applications, and prepare and share the relevant reports.

Assist in the research, discussion, and POC design of PlatON’s technology stack and ecosystem map, and promote the implementation of PlatON technology roadmap on an ongoing basis.


Familiar with PlatON, and recognize and get self-motivated to promote its vision and values.

Keen on data privacy, with an emphasis on the preservation of data privacy.

A tech expert in a certain field who is passionate about new technologies and concepts, with the hacker spirit and strong learning capacities.

A self-driven and dedicated developer who excels at execution, communication, and coordination.

Proficiency in spoken and written English.

How to Apply

  1. All candidates are encouraged to learn about PlatON before submitting an application

To understand PlatON, one should start from the PlatON2.0 whitepaper, the whitepaper on privacy-preserving computation, and the developer documentation.

Candidates should learn how to develop and deploy a contract on PlatON.

  1. Join the PlatON community to get the latest news

3. Submit the application form for the PlatON Global Ambassador Program

Application link:

  1. Once a candidate passed PlatON’s review, he/she should go through a short interview.

After an application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the LatticeX Foundation and the PlatON core developer team, which generally takes 7 workdays.

Candidates who passed our initial screening will have to go through a short online interview.

  1. Get started with Ambassador Tasks as an Intern Ambassador

Candidates passing the interview will become Intern Ambassadors upon successful KYC authentication and go through a 21-day internship, during which time Intern Tasks will be assigned. A qualified Intern Ambassador will officially become an Entry Ambassador. In the following stages, you could complete more Ambassador Tasks to upgrade your level. A higher Ambassador level means more rewards and benefits.

  1. Apply for an upgrade at quarterly meetings

Ambassadors are required to submit by-weekly performance reports that contain their key results and performance measure, work content, and plans for the next two weeks.

At the PlatON Developer Ambassador meeting held every quarter, Ambassadors will report their progress, achievements, and performance measure, suggestions and feedback, as well as the need for PlatON support. Also, the meeting will assess Ambassadors’ upgrade application.

Ambassador Incentives

Incentives for PlatON Global Developer Ambassadors cover 2 parts: Base Salary + Contribution Reward. In particular, different Ambassador levels correspond to different base salaries, which are the reward for Ambassadors’ daily efforts in the building, maintaining, and managing PlatON’s developer communities. The base salary is will be available once you become an Ambassador.

Base salary:

LevelRequired Period for UpgradeBase Salary
Intern21 days2,000 LAT/month
Entry3 months4,000 LAT/month
Intermediate6 months8,000 LAT/month
Senior12 months12,000 LAT/month
Tenure/20,000 LAT/month

Contribution rewards:

As a PlatON Ambassador and a member of the PlatON ecosystem, all contributions to PlatON developer community and its ecosystem growth will be noted through rewards in addition to the base salary.

Rewards are offered for contributions including but not limited to the following:

ContentCriteriaRewards (LAT)
Build local developer communitiesBuild a local PlatON developer community (one-time reward)2000
Recruit community developersRecruit users with a background in development, design, and research into self-built organizations or official PlatON organizations.

*Note: Reward will only be available if the recruited user could provide detailed background information and stay active in the community for at least 5 days (consecutive/non-consecutive).
Encourage participationEncourage developers to contribute to the ecosystem growth of PlatON/Alaya. You should submit proof for this contribution (e.g. links, pictures).200/person/time
Publish introduction articlesPost articles on the PlatON/Alaya network on social media, developer communities, or forums.

*Note: Such articles should be easily transmittable and simply expressed, with a particular emphasis on the PlatON’s advantages. Moreover, they ought to introduce PlatON (its visions, technology structure & principles, etc.) to a wider audience. The specific reward will be determined according to the quality level assigned to each article.
Level D: 500/article,
Level C: 800/article,
Level B 1,200/article,
Level A: 2,000/article
Create development tutorials/solutionsCreate development tutorials and solutions (video/document) targeting developers in the PlatON/Alaya ecosystem.

* The content you submitted should be logically consistent and complete, covering a delivery introduction that specifies the following:
- The tool and language used in your tutorial/solution;
- what can be learned from your tutorial/solution;
- the target issue of your solution; what does your code achieve;
- other information that may help us understand your tutorial/solution, such as why would the article be helpful to developers.
The specific reward will be determined according to the quality level assigned to each tutorial/solution.
Level C: 1,200/tutorial (or solution),
Level B 2,500/tutorial (or solution),
Level A: 3,500/ tutorial (or solution)
Produce videosCreate videos about the PlatON/Alaya network.

*Such videos should last longer than 1 minute. Furthermore, they should contain rich, interesting content while facilitating community education and promotion.
The specific reward will be determined according to the quality level assigned to each video.
Level C: 1,200/video,
Level B 2,500/video,
Level A: 5,000/video
Translation of articlesTranslate articles about the PlatON community (including those from WeChat, Medium, Forum, etc.) into another language and post them on social media.

The translated article should be fluently expressed and factual. Machine translation or copycatting will not be accepted.
400/short article (less than 2,000 words),
800/long article
Translation of developer documentsTranslate documents listed on PlatON/Alaya Developer Docs into another language and submit them for demonstration.

The translated document should be fluently expressed and factual. Machine translation or copycatting will not be accepted.
600/short article (less than 2,000 words),
1,000/long article
Proofread & improve developer documentsReview, proofread and improve documents listed on PlatON/Alaya Developer Docs.

*To be specific, you should submit feedback via Issue (including but not limited to spelling mistakes, ambiguous/wrong descriptions, etc.), as well as the revised content through PR.
The specific reward will be determined according to our ratings of revision quality and problem level.
Maintain PlatON’s GitHub libraryOptimize PlatON’s GitHub library for improved user experiences, and fix/address GitHub issues.
*The specific reward will be determined according to our ratings of your contribution and work quality.
Develop infrastructure toolsOffer PlatON developers essential tools for development, testing, and monitoring.

*You should provide complete and useable tools, as well as documents that specify their purpose and value.
Build partnershipsPromote cooperation between PlatON and universities, media agencies, developer communities, companies, and organizations.

*Finalized PR promotions by the parties involved are deemed as the sign of valid partnerships.
Facilitate the implementation of PlatON-powered projectsUnlock the potential of the developer community, encourage and support potential developer/project teams to develop/integrate PlatON-based applications, and contribute to the implementation of the project.

*You are required to submit a complete profile of the project (its purpose, value, implementation plan). The delivery of Milestone 1 of the project is deemed as the sign of valid contribution.
PlatON podcastsHost regular tech podcasts to share PlatON’s latest technology and ecosystem progress with the community, analyze PlatON’s core technologies and products, promote its latest announcements and events, and study popular trends, state-of-the-art technologies and applications, etc.

*The podcast must last longer than 10 minutes, and the relevant video link should also be provided.
Organize training/education programs for community developersOrganize themed online/offline training to help community developers understand PlatON and learn how to develop on PlatON.

*Such training/education programs require the attendance of at least 10 people. In addition, you are required to record the program and provide the relevant video link.
Organize developer meetups & AMAsOrganize online AMAs and offline meetups about PlatON.

*Offline meetups require the attendance of at least 20 people. Also, you should provide the relevant photos/videos that record their process and submit a briefing.
Online events should last longer than 30 minutes, with an audience of at least 100 people. Additionally, you should record the entire process and submit the video link.
Host developer contests/hackathons/seminarsWork with third parties to host PlatON developer contests/hackathons for the local community.

*Such developer contests/hackathons require the participation of at least 5 teams, each with a finalized delivery.
As for seminars, you should provide the relevant photos or video and submit a briefing.
Attend third-party conferences/eventsParticipate in third-party events that may promote PlatON’s ecosystem growth, and speak up for PlatON.
*Before getting involved in an event, you should submit an overview of the third-party conference/event, including its goal, agenda, and focus. Additionally, you are also required to provide photos or videos of the conference/event and write PR articles for promotion.
Participate in developer contests/hackathons on behalf of PlatONParticipate in third-party developer contests/hackathons on behalf of PlatON.

*The relevant task should involve the adoption of the PlatON/Alaya network.
Train new AmbassadorsThe task is only available to Ambassadors at the Intermediate level or higher.

*As an Intermediate Ambassador, you could introduce friends to the PlatON Global Ambassador Program and help them become qualified PlatON Ambassadors. Rewards will be available for each valid referral.
You are required to submit the name and CV of the new Ambassador and a short training video of 15~30 seconds.
Ecosystem and tech researchProduce referable research reports based on the latest technology research, theories, and competition analysis.3,000/report
Views & suggestionsProvide constructive views/suggestions for improving PlatON’s technology and ecosystem. You are required to submit detailed views and suggestions to PlatON’s official Forum or GitHub for extensive discussion in the developer community. The relevant link should also be provided.1,000/suggestion


  • PlatON Ambassadors face quarterly performance appraisals. For ambassadors who failed to meet the relevant criteria, the Foundation may suspend their incentives.
  • The Foundation will determine specific Ambassador Reward based on the bi-weekly reports submitted by Ambassadors. The Foundation reserves the right to approve or reject any submission from Ambassadors.
  • The Ambassador Incentive is settled once a month, with the relevant statistics confirmed before the 5th of each month, and the distribution completed within 10 subsequent workdays.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of the Ambassador Reward Program as it deems appropriate.

We are convinced that data is our most fundamental and crucial “inherent right” in an era of digital economy. Challenges such as the protection of data privacy and sovereignty, the promotion of data circulation, the creation of data-based value, and the facilitation of collaborative computation are beyond the reach of any single individual or organization. This is why we are asking you to join us, starting from this moment!