With Abundant Rewards, Ethereum Tool/App Migration and Verification Event for the Ethereum-compatible Version of PlatON

With Abundant Rewards, Ethereum Tool/App Migration and Verification Event for the Ethereum-compatible Version of PlatON

Community Verification Event for the Ethereum-compatible Version of PlatON and Alaya officially opens.

In a recent update of technical progress, the privacy-preserving AI network PlatON said that the new version of the network’s underlying technologies will be fully compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem, enabling the seamless connection between the two networks. The Alaya mainnet’s Sojourner upgrade will be launched on November 2, while the PlatON mainnet’s Copernicus upgrade will be activated on November 16. Both upgrades aim to lower the development threshold for community developers who wish to contribute to the building of the PlatON network and improve the development experience.

Once the network becomes fully compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem, developers can tap into the mature and diverse development tools and resources now available on Ethereum to conveniently migrate the Ethereum applications onto PlatON. Moreover, they can also quickly extend their applications and engage in innovation on the PlatON network, which offers privacy-preserving features, high performance, and low service fees.

At the same time, to further verify the compatibility, reliability, and developer experience of the network concerning Ethereum development tools, PlatON will carry out a one-month migration and verification event for Ethereum development tools/applications on its meta-network Alaya. This event aims to improve the network’s compatibility with Ethereum tools and provide developers in the PlatON community with more development tools, guides, and samples.

Details of the event:



How to join the event

The whole process of the event will be conducted on GitHub in an open and transparent manner: https://github.com/AlayaNetwork/Developer-Events


  • Go to the GitHub Repository of the event and submit the relevant information through Issue.
  • Migrate and verify applications and development tools in the Ethereum ecosystem, and submit the bugs you identified for bug bounty rewards.
  • Submit your final delivery of the migration and verification for delivery rewards.


The event offers incredible rewards:

Bug bounty reward: By submitting the problems of the PlatON/Alaya network or the development tools, the participant will receive rewards according to the problem’s level upon confirmation by our core team.

Delivery reward: Participants can receive LAT rewards of 500 USDT~5,000 USDT according to the delivery quality, subject to comprehensive assessments that will be primarily based on the difficulties involved in the migration and verification of applications, contracts, and tools, as well as the quality and reference value of the submitted migration guides.