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·Aug 4, 2021·

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PlatON —A globally decentralized privacy-preserving AI network, combines blockchain and privacy computing technologies to facilitate data sharing and value exchange while protecting data privacy and security in advance.

As an open source project, we are always cherishing the collaboration with devs.

We would like to invite community developers to become a PlatON developer ambassador and participate in building the PlatON/Alaya ecosystem.

You can do these:

1,PlatON Grant Hackathon is now open! Feel free to submit your projects and ideas.


2, Workshop developer live training to guide the community developers in tool and application development using Alaya Network based on relevant examples.

3, Provide reference examples and tutorials for AlayaDoc to enrich the learning resources for developers

Alaya Docs:

4, Bug fixes, optimisation of feature implementation.



5, Writing an interpretation of the PlatON 2.0 white paper and releasing it for public dissemination


2.0 White paper:

6, Community Verification Event for the Ethereum-compatible Version of PlatON and Alaya(First)

Event Introduction

Event Sign Up

For more tasks,contact me for a detailed communication.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to discuss further and get in touch. (Discord @Boney2

Developer Program:


More information:


PlatON Privacy-Preserving Computation WhitePaper:

PlatON 2.0


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